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About us

The East London Clarinet Choir in an ensemble made up of thirteen clarinettists who gave their debut performance at St. John's Church, Stratford Broadway in October 2006 and have quickly established themselves as a leading ensemble within the medium. The musicians are made up of professionals and high level amateurs in a not-for-profit organisation to regenerate live music and culture in the East End of London.

Hailed as a ‘first-class ensemble' (James Rae), the ELCC have staged concerts mixing the intricate scores of the British twentieth and twenty-first century clarinet choir repertory alongside arrangements of more popular chamber and orchestral music. To date, two compositions for clarinet choir have been commissioned with over thirty substantial arrangements and transcriptions of existing music.

The core aim of the ELCC is to be colourful, creative and imaginative, providing listeners with an insight into the wonderful, rarely explored sound world of the clarinet choir.


"A stunning performance of my Sketches"…. "a first class ensemble!" James Rae

"An enthusiastic, well controlled and blended performance of my Cyclic Harmony"..


... The ELCC ably demonstrates the colour and expressive range of the clarinet choir." Alan Bullard


"I will remember tonight's performance as one of the greatest nights in my life. A huge thank you to Shea Lolin and the East London Clarinet Choir for making this happen, and everyone who came to watch. It was very humbling to have my piece performed by the choir; thank you for making my heart beat so hard and fast with adrenaline and emotion." Daniel Hoang


"Thank you very much for performing my piece Nenia Lament... It was an energetic and excellent performance!"  Satoshi Yagisawa.

Below is a performance of Steve Reich's New York Counterpoint given by the East London Clarinet Choir in 2013

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